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I am a happy girl that travel across Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai for my work. Maybe half a year at Singapore, half a year at China with my family. I write about my life, what I see, funny photos and vidoes.

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After being dumped by her ex boyfriend 3 months ago, this Hong Kong girl shows an online video to everyone on the world, she has become a C-cup girl from AA-cup 3 months ago. And she wants to make her ex-boyfriend regret, as he will never have the chance to touch it again.

Below is what she says:
Since we together, we always eat AA meal (i.e. we split the cost).
Not only that, you say I have an AA cup.
You break with me because of my figure.
On 11 Feb 2010, 3 months after we break, I want to tell you, I am now C cup, C !!!!
You can say me anything, but you can no longer say I am A cup.
And most important, you will never have any chance to touch it again.

I think she should announce that on Valentine day. Well, should feel happy for her, dump a lousy guy and now become a nicer figure for herself. And one question, where she get the treatment for her breast? She should advertise for that.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Well, on this new year, hope everyone good luck and with all wishes come true. Hope one day, I can like her, bring all cash to buy a car!

Impressive right?

Chinese NEW YEAR Match Party 人日派對 *

Chinese 2010 begins!!! New Year, New Game!
宜-熱鬧.喝酒 忌-在家.單身
擇偶.跳舞 寂寞.~~~♥
Special game: Drinks exchange night!More Love! More Drinks!!!♥♥♥

Date: -20 FEB 2010 (SAT)
Venue: SUGAR

She is taking photo in her room, but without her notice (or maybe purposely), her roomate is naked at the back!!!

Next time remember to look around when you take photos, other wise something surprise maybe taken!

Ever see a man dress like chicken or superman in the train? Well, not Halloween, but maybe he is on his way to work, too lazy to get change? Don't he feel stuffy and bulky and hot? Well, or he just want to get attention? Let see all these funny costume.

I think that is all for the train photos.

This girl who is wearing a skirt is doing pole dance in the train, not the standing pole, but the pole at top for holding hand one.... wow.. how she manages to do that?

The next one, not sure is guy or girl, as she is wearing bra, but doesn't seems like a girl to me. She is shaving in the train!!

This morning reach office, and see this 99 roses on my desk....

But really got 99? I didn't count.

In previous post I show you the sexy dressing in the train, which you can hardly see, but this one, I am sure you will always find people doing in the train, i.e. sleeping! But the way they sleep is extra ordinary....

How can people sleep in this way?

I am sure these are hard to find in the MTR (HK) or MRT (SG). These are so sexy wearing, for sure everyone will stare at them. Look at them, see if you ever see any of them before.

Who says only girls can be sexy, guys do!

If you often taking train at Hong Kong, Singapore or China, do you ever see some of the couples, that they just do what they like and ignore the people around them? Well, you may see some, but here got some really impressive one.

And received an email, telling me, why the guy is more loyalty than a girl, you take a look (sorry it is in English)

女人 : 媽媽
男人 : 媽媽

女人 : 不是討厭的男孩就行
男人 : 能和我一起欺負其他人的男孩

女人 : 十六七八九歲的大男孩, 只要不是本班的那一幫就行
男人 : 籃球, 足球, 乒乓球, 網球

女人 : 26歲至29歲的有事業基礎, 有品位, 有才華的男人
男人 : 20歲至24歲的漂亮, 有身段的女人

女人 : 堅持要比自己大的人
男人 : 20歲至24歲的漂亮, 有身段的女人

女人 : 心靈契合的男人
男人 : 20歲至24歲的漂亮, 有身段的女人

女人 : 男人
男人 : 20歲至24歲的漂亮, 有身段的女人

女人 : 能和她終老的男人
男人 : 20歲至24歲的漂亮, 有身段的女人

女人 : 和他在一起, 需要自己照顧的男人
男人 : 20歲至24歲的漂亮, 有身段的女人

女人 : 和他在一起, 不需要自己照顧的男人
男人 : 20歲至24歲的漂亮, 有身段的女人

女人 : 死在自己後面的男人
男人 : 我雖然已經老眼昏花. 不過我還是希望20歲至24歲的漂亮, 有身段的女人

結論 : 男人是專一的, 女人是花心的

What an excuse for the guys!

What dress is it? So sexy, with the opening from top to bottom. Must really get one that fit your size well, otherwise easily get loose and will exposed under camera.

But anyone know who is she? Seems like a celebrity to me.

Seems like Chinese New Year is hitting the Valentine big. Celebrate your fomance at LKF, and spend a minimum $800 can get a limited edition of umbrella.

Well, at least should show how does the umbrella looks like.

Discussing business at KTV is a common practice in many Asia countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan. And there is this KTV in Taiwan, the girls (the hostess) some are dumb, and they communicate with the customers using pre-designed card board.

The photo is just an example.....

It may something like "what is your name?", "I am from local Taiwan", "do you want to eat supper with me" etc.....


Well, can you imagine a girl that cannot speak work for a job where she is supposed to sing and talk??

Rushing time and getting late? This girl get changes into her short while having traffic jam, but the car too small?

But who is so free always follow her?

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