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I am a happy girl that travel across Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai for my work. Maybe half a year at Singapore, half a year at China with my family. I write about my life, what I see, funny photos and vidoes.

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I think our generation we know her son much more than his mother. I am sure if you are aged between 20 to 40, you know 杜德伟, but how about his mother 张露? Maybe only those above aged 40 will know her. But actually we all hear her songs before, just to name a few like 《给我一个吻》, 《迎春花》, 《小小羊儿要回家》 all these are her songs, she is the original singers.

Unfortunately, she passed away on the first day of Chinese New Year, that is so sad. And surprisingly, youtube got a original version of her Chinese New Year song 《迎春花》, and listen if you don't know who is she...

And here is another MTV, very funny... from the movie '花月良宵' (I never watch before)

Hope you say "ahh...." and know who is she by now. And don't misunderstood me, I am not that old ok!!!

The girl from Singapore that taking part of the "2009 Miss World Chinese" “2009年国际中华小姐决赛”is making big news headline at all the media. They say her "No face, No Body, and No Skill" "没样貌!没身材!没才艺". And why is that so? Because she claimed herself as "expert in love" “愛情玩家”and been having 50 boyfriends!!! She even say "sometimes, I got two boyfriends at the same time" proudly. She even say openly that she ever self taking *that kind* of photos with her ex boy-friends.

Unfortunately, all these only enough to make her to be the headline in a very bad image, but not wining the award. Most newspaper says the Singapore representative is only to make up the number 新加坡代表“陪跑. And this is her... are you her ex-boyfriend?

Actually, participate in these competitions are not easy, there are always fierce competititon.

But there are funny things too, like this one.... the girl is taller than the host....

They even need someone to teach them on how to pose!

But what make me admire most is this girl, she is deaf, and she is using the hand language to introduce herself.

To me, in such competition, people are looking for a girl with good image. If you are proud of being having 50 ex boyfriends, and sometimes having 2 at the same time and dare to take that kind of photos, I think you are at the wrong competition.

This is a busy New Year for me, as I will be spending my Chinese New Year in two places. I am flying to Singapore either tonight or tomorrow. Rushing here and there for the lunches and dinners.

Happy New Year to all of you....

These 5 Beijing so called "Left-Over" Girls (北京 剩女) are taking the wedding photos together in order to attract guys to get married with them (集体征婚). In fact, they are not bad looking, young (only 25 year-old), well educated (university degree holders). And after they pose their photos online, they receive over thousands of "applications". They are at a lost now as there are too many choices.

So are they seriously looking for a partner, to get famous or just wanna have some fun? Who knows.

Have a shop at Chinese New Year market, saw these sign board very interesting. Then I pick two and have a photos. Because one is best suitable for me, and one for boy boy. Many are super funny. The best of all, I think is this one "Chim Yum Chun", don't understand? Look at the photo.

Maybe I should let my boss see this, get him buy one and put it on my desk. But of course is the lower one "No 1 Secretary" not the one on top, OK?

That day having a fruit juice before get into train station. Just stand there and see the "performance". Quite a lot of people are watching this guy, because he and his stick are so amazing. This magic stick (on your left) can basically clean anything.

Say you got soy sauce stain your clothes, just rub this stick on and it can be cleaned easily. He even get someone on the spot, and clean his x-years sport shoes on the spot, amazing, the sport shoes becomes shinning white, like a newly bought. And guess what, that guy bought one immediately, because his shoes were not balanced, one is dirty one is clean, so he had no choice but to buy one to make two looked the same (just kidding).

Back to me, he said one stick is 50 Hong Kong Dollars, two sticks at 100, but with some free gifts. He will give you one small stick, where you can bring it in your bag to everywhere, for emergency use. Then also free "bra safe" (photo at the bottom), where you can wash your bra in these balls in washing machine without worry being damaged.

And guess what, I bought two!!! I can't believe myself on why making such decision. Is it because of free gifts? Or is it that stick so amazing. But anyway, I get back home, and let my mom tried on my brother shirt. To my release, those yellowish stain on his shirt gone! It is so amazing!

Frankly speaking, I don't buy things on those moving stalls usually. As that feel like only aunties or uncles will do it.

I can't remember her name, an ex-singer, who married to a 鬼佬 Gwai Low / Gwai Louh / Gwai Lou / Gwailo / Gweilo (whatever you pronounce it, a Caucasian). You see their daughters are so much pretty, definitely they are getting much attention in their high school.

It appears to me that, no matter how good looking or bad looking are the parents, as long as you are mixed-blood, you will be special and pretty. Either the hairs color, eyes color, shape of nose, etc... all are prefect, unlike us, need to dye the hair, or have a flat nose..... Well, here are some photos that I took during the movie Marley and Me premier.

Maybe I should get my daughters as mixed-blood as well... :)

I went to Tsim Sha Tsui for the Christmas eve dinner and party. It was so crowed, and basically you have difficulty to make a move around. Finally we decided to take a train and move to else where. And guess what, in the train station, it has the sign of "No Waiting"!!! Can you believe it, just like on the street, there is "No Waiting" sign for the cars, now is "No Waiting" for the human being. But still, most people still stand there and wait for their friends. As train station is the best place to meet people.

Such a small image, if you want copy it and put it else where.
And this will be my only photo left behind!

Then there is this bored guy, captured me in the photo while I wask looking for my friends.... #$%#%#$%*($#%@#$#

TVB got this TV series 我的2008. They interviewed some people, and ask them what is the most important thing to them in 2008. My godness, some of them are so touching. I tell you, I cried, I really cried when watching them.

There is one story, the restaurant boss that selling breakfast, he started to give out free breakfast for the elderly since 2008. And do you know why? Because he said one morning, there is an old man bought breakfast from him, and the old man find very difficulty to take out a piece of money which is wrapped nicely in many layers of newspaper. Since then, he decided to give out free breakfast to the elderly in the morning. Then another story is about a guy, who is not so healthy in mental, but he manages to work hard in Macdonald and even shot advertisement. Below are the two stories....

I better stop writting now, if not I may cry in the office again. To see other stories, follow the link 我的2008.

I like Malaysia or Singapore asian food. Though I can't take too spicy one, but I still enjoy it. Here is one promotion at a restaurant....

Dear Members,

Thanks to the owner who is a member of this group for this special offer.

Malaymama serve most of your traditional Malaysian food like Laska, Mee Siam, Prawn Noodles, Bak Kut The etc…one of the better Malaysian resturants around.

My pleasure to offer the following promotion to Singaporean in HK members.

1. Upon presentation of "This Email Printout", customer will receive 10% dinner discount at

Malay Mama
Shop 11A, Mercer Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 2542 4111

Do email me if you have any questions. Thanks.

Or you may consider to print this screen shot:

Wong Hei 王喜 is one of the famous actor attended the "Marley and Me" premiere. I like him because he is funny, lets see how many different facial expressions he has. He is so funny, and always the eyes are half closing, like sleepy. Can hardly capture the photo with his eye "open".

So back to the movie, you guess how many babies did Jennifer Aniston has in the end... maybe I don't tell you first, you watch it yourself. But one funny thing is their first baby where they made it at Ireland. They stayed in a hotel room, where the brother of the owner passed away in that room. Then the room hang the portrait of Jesus, HIS mother, and pope. And the bed is with the swing swing sound. You thought scary? But that is the place they made their first kid. So got to see the movie to know how it happens.

"Marley and Me" is supposed open to public only at 22 Jan, I am fortunate to be invited for the premiere last night. The main actors are Owen Wilson and my favourite Jennifer Aniston. It talks about a family learns important life lessons from their adorable, but naughty and neurotic dog. This is the place, a cinema at Kowloon Bay 九龙湾:

And two VIP tickets:

See what are those reporters shooting about:

Is two dogs and one little puppy (not in the photos)....

Of course I met many movie stars, actors and actress... tomorrow will show you some of their photos..... The movie is touching, I cried (expected), just like the movie "Ten promises to dogs".

Look at this girl, dance happily to the camera in her bikini, with all the teasing actions, until falls hardly on her butt onto the floor. It is so funny, in chinese we call 乐极生悲. Let's continue to see what is her reaction when everyone look at her after she fall down, definiitely she must make a loud sound when she fall down. I guess she is so excited after having some drinks.

With the video taking capability of mobile phone, I think more and more funny moment can be captured. Really, these are good memory and you will laught even watch it again after several years later.

Hey girls, lets try this out. Call your husband or boyfriend's friends. Try to call 10 of them. And ask them is your husband with them just now, as it is so late and he hasn't back home yet.

To your surprise, 8 may tell you that he was with them just now. Out of these 8, two may tell you that your husband / boyfriend was drunk and still with them. Hahaha... very funny isn't it. Worth a try with your husband / boyfriend besides you.

And check is any of their friend send sms or phone him to ask him to get back home NOW.

Here is the message I get in mandrin:

一個女人有一晚沒回家, 隔天她跟老公說他睡在一個女性朋友那邊, 她老公打電話給
她最好的10個女性朋友, 得到的答覆是 : 沒有一個知道這件事!

一個男人有一晚沒回家睡, 隔天他跟老婆說他睡在一個兄弟那邊, 她老婆打電話給他
最好的10個朋友, 有八個好兄弟確定他老公睡在他們家 .....


我把此篇給老婆看,沒想到她興致大發; 立刻打電話給我朋友問我是否在他們那, 結

更離譜的是有一位哥們竟然說我在他家喝醉了, 正睡著呢,還問我老婆要不要喊我起

在掛了電話後,那哥們的電話馬上打到我手機上, 一接通沒等我說話就大喊: 人在
哪呢,快回家吧,你老婆找你呢,我說你在我家喝醉了 ......回去前別忘了先


Worth a try.........

Croc beach / kids cayman only $1 but limited one per person and only for the first 100 people. Some of the shoes will have a discount as low as 90%! Then some bidding start from $1.

Start from today 9 Jan Fri to Sun 11 Jan. 11am to 8pm. At 香港展览中心, 香港湾仔港湾道26号华润大厦底座3楼. Click the images to enlarge.

I took it from newspaper, am I like an aunty now?

We all grow up by watching the Hong Kong TVB TV drama series. Basically is addicted, watching it while having dinner. But do you know why it is so suceess? You may take a look at this photo if you have no clue... this is basically a background of the street of 1970's or 80's.

And take a look at the one below:

Surprise? They looked so real! But they are just toy and model. Amazing. The model has every details just like real buildings.

Have a dinner with friends a few weeks ago, after dinner, saw this car, the car plate is "LUCKY". Wow, don't know who is he. Is he eating the dinner in the same restaurant as me? If yes, I should go and know him, will be lukcy if sit in this car. Look at the car plate, so nice!

But if given a choice (just day dreaming ok?), I would like to sit in the car "I LOVE U", that is the car originally going to be 李嘉欣 by her ex-boyfriend 大劉. But now is with the 大劉 "wife" 呂麗君 or "girlfriend" 甘比. This doesn't mean that I like 大劉, I just like the car plate, so romantic.

These rich people really.... a nice car must have a nice plate......

After Christmas, New Year all the parties, do you find that something missing to your parties? If yes, then must be these 3 sexy models. They basically help you to create happy environment for your parties. So don't forget to invite them to join your Chinese New Year.

Always when you have a party, if just food and drink will be too boring. Must have some suitable music, then maybe some games. And I think the best is don't switch on TV or DVD, if not everyone will sit there quietly and watching it. A game machine like wii will be fun.

Very cute isn't it? But it is true, without them, a party wont be like a party.

Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is coming soon. But this year 2009, is something special, and some of the words that you used to congra others during Chinese New Yew is not applicable this year. Why is that so, take a look:


萬市如憶   ~股市萬點已成追憶 ,苦啊~

So during economic bad times, really got to be careful on the wordings. And remember, don't drink this: 鮮草蜜~ 先炒me

But something good... these are some icons suitable for you to send greeting in MSN messenger, just copy and paste to use it.

Happy 牛 Year

╭┴──┤牛轉 ├╮
│o o│乾坤 │●°
╰┬──╯   │ ∴°﹒
☆ ˍˍ/ˍˍˍˍ/∴☆.

Another one....

☆  ∣  ☆
 ╭‧放煙火 ‧╮╭‧放煙火 ‧╮
☆       ★        ☆
 ╭‧新 年 ‧╮╭‧快 樂 ‧╮
☆       ★       ☆
  ☆     ★     ☆
 ☆      ∣      ☆
       ███ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009

Christmas, New Year all over. All the happy long weekends are over. Take a look at my bath room after all the parties. Actually this is just half of the collections, another half have been recycled. The most happy part of festival I think the best is eat and drink together with friends. And if got gift then it will be even better.

I like the Smirnoff drink shown in the photo very much (from the number of bottles you know already). It tasted much better than you mix it yourself. The other two on the right so so (which mean I wouldn't try again). And the ginger beer on the most right hand side is the worst, it is so sweet, so never try it.

Next long holiday will be Chinese New Year, but somehow I think Chinese New Year is different from Christmas and New Year. Chinese New Year more traditiontional and more time with family (or had to stay in family). So no much happy happy party.

More and more Chinese people like to get a Christian name, so that we can easily communicate with westerners, if not, there is no way they can remember our name. As for Hong Kong, I think nearly 90% of the Chinese have a Christian name. Like I am Carol!!! However, our last name, which cannot be changed still in Mandrin.

And if you are travelling to Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian, or Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, some of them may not use Mandrin, they may use Cantonese, Hokkien or whatever dialect. By combining pronoucing your name in those dialect, it could means something that is very funny. Lets take a look:

Anne Chang => Dirty (Mandarin)
Anne Chin => Keep Quiet (Mandarin)
Faye Chen => Dusty (Mandarin)
Carl Cheng => Buttock (Hokkien)
Monica Cheng => Touching your buttocks (Hokkien)
Lucy Leow => You are dead (Hokkien)
Jane Tan => Frying eggs (Mandarin)
Suzie Leow => Lose till death (Hokkien)
Henry Mah => Hate your mum (Mandarin)
Corrine Tai => Poor fellow (Hokkien)
Paul Chan => Bankrupt (Mandarin)
Nelson Tan => Bird laying eggs (Mandarin)
Leslie Tong => Rubbish Bin (Mandarin)
Carmen Teng => Leg hair long (Hokkien)
Connie Mah => Call your mother (Cantonese)
Danny See => Squeeze you to death (Hokkien)
Rosie Teng => Screws and nails (Hokkien)
Pete Tsai => Nose droppings (Hokkien)
Macy Koh => Never die before (Cantonese)

So remember to pronounce your name in different dialect and make sure it is alright before getting yourself a Christian name. Also there is one joke below......

Caller : Hello, can I speak to Annie Wan (anyone)?
Operator : Yes, you can speak to me.

Caller : No, I want to speak to Annie Wan (anyone)!
Operator : You are talking to someone! Who is this?

Caller : I'm Sam Wan (Someone). And I need to talk to Annie Wan (anyone)! It's urgent.
Operator : I know you are someone and you want to talk to anyone! But what's this urgent matter about?

Caller : Well... just tell my sister Annie Wan (anyone) that our brother Noel Wan (no one)has involved in an accident. Noel Wan (no one)got injured and now Noel Wan (no one) is being sent to the hospital. Right now, Avery Wan (everyone) is on his way to the hospital.
Operator : Look if no one was injured and no one was sent to the hospital, then the accident isn't an urgen t matter! You may find this hilarious but I don't have time for this!

Caller : You are so rude! Who are you?
Operator : I'm Saw Lee (Sorry).
Caller : Yes! You should be sorry. Now give me your name!!!

This happens if you talk to westerners.

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