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I am a happy girl that travel across Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai for my work. Maybe half a year at Singapore, half a year at China with my family. I write about my life, what I see, funny photos and vidoes.

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Last Saturday was invited to attending Transformer movie preview in Singapore. Well, this is a mass event sponsored by Citibank, and you can see so many family bring their kids here. Look at the smiling face then you know.

Well, I don't like others put my photos on their websites, so I won't do this to others too, especially they are just general public. Too bad, no movie stars, but got plenty of food.

I think I know the guy, is a TV host from Taiwan, as for the girl, I am not too sure, maybe some actress from Taiwan. Look at this ceremony, I think should be some award ceremony, her dress is so special until all the guys are stunned by it.

Not sure how the back looks like.

These doggy they are so cute. And some of them are so little size. Can even fit into a cup!

How I wish I can have one small one like this, then can bring it around.


日期及時間 : 2009年8月6 - 7日 (星期四至五) 晚上7:45
演出地點 : 香港紅磡體育館
票價 : $280、$220、$150、$80 (成人、學生及長者九折)

由資深舞台工作者郭志偉先生編劇,內容講述一對年青基督教宣教士夫婦,於過去十多年間, 從首到柬埔寨金邊,如何在重重難關和有限的資源下,在當地開辦學校、孤兒院、職業訓練中心和醫療中心等,為當地貧苦人民提供免費服務;及藉着關愛,把基督教的福音廣傳。另一方面,一個女神學生,面對着一張張絕望、無助的面孔,因着人性的軟弱,幾近把宣教的決心放棄;與此同時,三十年前赤柬暴行終於今年被聯合法庭審判,香港特派記者被派往當地採訪,兩人無意中相遇後,他們的故事又如何發展?

Recently the stock market bull rally, like a few years back, so monks play stock too!

Actually if invest for future is nothing wrong, they need to have enough money for the future, especially land price getting more and more expensive now.

I thought monk should be vegetarian. Or KFC too delicous?

Well to me, what to eat doesn't matter, most important is what you think in your mind.

Beauty Contestants are welcome in temples. But I afraid this is not the case in the past, even wearing a skirt you may not be allowed to enter.

This is a kind of weird scene.

I remember always in the TV, monk cannot touch a girl. But today, monk can have girlfriend, and when monks play football nuns watch... I think have some game or excercise is good. But not go shopping with girlfriend holding hand by hand right?

No bad meaning to anyone or any religion.

Monks get in touch with high technology as well, e.g. surf internet online. But if playing network games or archade, maybe not so appropriate. Like that everyday will just think of the fun.

The last one even worst, playing card games on the train with a girl somemore.

This is so far the funniest translation joke I ever seen. Instead of making a wrong translation that cause confusion, this mistake is totally out. Take a look...

It should be "Restaurant", but it is now "Translation server error"!!!

This happen at a university hostel at China. This female student stayed in the hostel, go to canteen to buy food by just covering herself in towel, and nothing else (well, at least from the video can't see what is inside). And here is the video...... (removed by Youtube)

What surprise is that people around her looks like nothing happen, so does this means that this is common scene?

I have shown many wedding photos before, but I am sure you never see something like this before. Because the bride and her husband are exchanging the role. Take a look, quite interesting.

Not sure anyone dare to try.... Definitely not for me, I don't like to dress like a man, I like to choose pretty dress.

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