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I am a happy girl that travel across Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai for my work. Maybe half a year at Singapore, half a year at China with my family. I write about my life, what I see, funny photos and vidoes.

Your comments are most welcomed. If you have anything to share, can email me at cc.carol.chew@gmail.com

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全智賢真身拼搏 最新型爆電影《血戰新世紀》adapted from the best-selling animation《Blood The Last Vampire》. Not sure how is it, and lets see if I can get the preview ticket.

In the wake of the global economic downturn, knowing which technologies use, how they can improve business processes, and raise performance, while delivering cost effective, reliable infrastructure is key asset. Click here to register the 5th Annual CIO Forum Asia will be held at Hong Kong on 9th June.

After seeing so many wedding photos, but let us look at from another side.
Before marriage....

He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
She: Do you want me to leave?
He: No! Don't even think about it.
She: Do you love me?
He: Of course! Over and over!
She: Have you ever cheated on me?
He: No! Why are you even asking?
She: Will you kiss me?
He: Every chance I get.
She: Will you hit me?
He: Are you crazy! I'm not that kind of person!
She: Can I trust you?
He: Yes.
She: Darling!

After marriage....
Simply read from bottom to top

These are some of the new facial products from Shiseido, Bioterm, sisley, Clarins, Clinique, SK II, and many more. And of course some of the exclusive offer or free gift.

So many.... how I know which one is good, but if someone can sponsor me and let me try, then I wouldn't mind.

TVB number 1 sister 汪明荃 finally get married with 罗家英 on May this year at Las Vegas USA, after 20 years of relationship. But do you know that they break many "records"? Here I list a few:

1) She is 62-year old and he is 63-year old.
2) They sleep in seperate room even after married.
3) The wedding gown is modified from LV! She is damm rich.

两人于5月2日在美国拉斯维加斯注册结婚,结束20年爱情长跑。62岁的汪明荃和63岁的罗家英的爱情堪称演艺圈里的传奇,其时间跨度,以及两人相加超过百岁的年龄。保持习惯分房睡。拍结婚照选择中国风 。阿姐喜欢亲手改装LV,她将一条丝巾变成结婚照中穿的旗袍、戴的头巾和家英哥的领结,而在2007年生日派对上,阿姐也是穿自制的LV旗袍过大寿。

Really too many photos of their ROM. At first just the previous two set, then someone email me again. Always so sweet to look at others wedding photos, as for sure the girls are prettiest and most happiest.

But the rings seem thin. Don't you think so? Or is it because of angles?

To be frank, I don't like his image in these wedding photo. Mainly due to his glasses. I prefer those thin metal frame than the plastic frame glasses. Well, but the fashion do change, so either you stick to the fashion or stick to your own preference.

Is it good days recently? So many weddings and ROMs.

How come so many celebrities get married recently. Previous is the 谢韵仪 and 陈泓宇 (also another part of the Michelle Chia Wedding Album). Now is the Fann Wong and Christopher Lee (both are within top 5 Singapore Mediacorp artist).

Another two more set of photos show you tomorrow.

Print out these coupons below to get free gift from Lancome, Guerlain, Bioterm or Lavera. Of course at a specify shop, at the Tsim Sha Tsui TST Marionnaud. In addition, get two perfumes and enjoy 90% off plus a mini one as free.

Is this a new shop? How come I never see this at TST exit A? The one near the park right.

Not sure is the camera man my friend that send me the video, maybe he is, sometimes he simply likes to take the camera and take video or photos of girls. I don't think he would expect anything like this is happening. This girl slides her hand into her skirt and pull her thong up, and in the public! It happens at some time 26 sec.


Listen to the background, some lady is speaking in some dialect in Chinese.

The FORTRESS MoneyBack Shopping Spree in which you can enjoy fabulous discounts on selected digital, AV, IT products and home appliances, and even save more with the MoneyBack Cash Voucher!

Date: 28-31 May, 2009 (Thu-Sun)
Venue: FORTRESS stores
(Tai Koo Shing City Plaza, Causeway Bay Times Square, Kowloon Tong Festival Walk,
MongKok Wai Fung Plaza, Sha Tin New Town Plaza and Yuen Long Kwong Wah Plaza)


日期: 2009年5月28日至31日 (星期四至日)
地點: 指定豐澤分店

Look at this joke of 14 dollars....


一直想說他要14塊錢幹嘛 ???
消費券14元要怎麼給呀 ???
14元坐公車也不夠呀 !!!
為什麼要14元 ~ 為什麼要14元呢 ???

我:爸爸爸爸~那鞋櫃上的14元是你放的嗎 ?
爸:對呀 !
我:哈哈 ~ 覺得他應該不是要14塊錢吧 ~ 該是要......1千塊錢吧


Wii is not just the game for you and me, youngsters or elderly. But it brings the fun to the baby too. Look at this baby, he is so enjoying himself in the Wii game.

Very cute isn't it? I think baby and doggy, both are cutest in this world, so I have lable on these two items. But of course, still LV bags my favourite.

I am sure you have seen Gucci bags, Gucci shoes, but how about Gucci cafe? But look at these, I am sure you wish to get in there some day, just a cup of coffee, they can also make it so Gucci. They make the cream, with a small Gucci sign on top, oh, so nice.

Feeling hungry? I got some more photos to show you later.

We always say some people may look alike. And higher chance that you look like your parents. Look at the photos, and tell me, if you are going to guess who are their parents, whom would you guess.

These kids looked exactly like those famous people. Can you believe such coincident can happen?

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