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I am a happy girl that travel across Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai for my work. Maybe half a year at Singapore, half a year at China with my family. I write about my life, what I see, funny photos and vidoes.

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These are girls from yesterday. Look at their dressing, no wonder they will create big crowds in the pub. Imagine any girl wear like them, I am sure will get the whole attention of the club. I thought they are Japenese girls, but someone leave me comment yesterday saying that they are from Taiwan. 

So good to be young, if given the chance for me to be young again, sure I will try more things.

Actually I don't know who are them, but my friend go to Lan Kwai Fong just to see them. Guess someone have follow them since they on the street all the way to the pub. Got poster somemore, maybe they are some Japenese stars.

Still got luggage, don't tell me they get to LKF directly from the airport. Tomorrow got another half of the photos.

由 即 日 起 至 2009 年 12 月 31 日, 憑 恒 生 信 用 卡 於 加 德 士 加 油 站 為 座 駕 注 入 指 定 汽 油 , 全 年 可 專 享 以 下 現 金 回 贈 優 惠 ︰

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• 優 惠 期 由 即 日 起 至 2009 年 12 月 31 日 。
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Someone send me these video links, most of them happen in Hong Kong MTR station or train. The trains are always so crowded already, they still got place and mood to do all these. But do remember check out the last video.....



Polyu 情侶

I believe that is the library, how to prepare for the exam if in this way, guess people around them also not in the mood to study. Rather they film them.....

憑 恒 生 信 用 卡 到 東 海 堂 購 買 以 下 蛋 糕 或 甜 品 , 即 可 專 享 8 折 ﹕
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推 廣 期 : 由 即 日 起 至 2009 年 5 月 10 日
客 戶 服 務 熱 線 : 2739 1328

• 8 折 優 惠 只 適 用 於 購 買 指 定 母 親 節 蛋 糕 系 列 , HKD128 或 以 上 之 甜 品 系 列 ( 購 買 8 件 或 以 上 ) , 不 可 轉 為 其 他 價 值 之 產 品 。

• 母 親 節 蛋 糕 系 列 於 2009 年 5 月 1 日 起 於 全 線 東 海 堂 有 售 , 數 量 有 限 , 售 完 即 止 。

• 母 親 節 蛋 糕 之 最 後 訂 餅 日 期 為 2009 年 5 月 8 日 , 最 後 取 餅 日 為 2009 年 5 月 10 日 , 而 HKD128 或 以 上 之 蛋 糕 及 寵 物 學 園 甜 品 系 列 最 後 取 餅 日 為 2009 年 5 月 10 日 。 逾 期 無 效 。

People always say China is the paradise for food. No doubt that Chinese food are nice. But there are also all sort of food, some of them, are out of your imagination. For example, here got one example: "Ass Meat".

I think this is the "donkey", but some error in the translation. Not sure any westerner, after read the english still want to try.

More disco madness rains on Hong Kong, as Hed Kandi returns for a grand showdown at Club JJs, Grand Hyatt. Showcasing their talent on May 30th will be Andy Warburton and the vocal of star of several 2008 chart songs, Tara McDonald.

A globe-trotting talent, with great residencies to back him up, Andy Warburton has been with the Hed Kandi family since 2005. Since becoming a DJ ambassador, he has co-compiled more than 3 of the Hed Kandi album releases, and been featured at some of their key gigs around the world.

Event Details

Event Name: Hed Kandi Nu Disco Tour
Date: 30th May (Saturday) 2009
Hed Kandi DJ: Andy Warburton
Tickets: HK$280 in advance and HK$350 on the door
Venue: Club JJ’s, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai Hong Kong
Time: 10pm till late

Enquires and Booking Hotline: (852) 8201-1027
Email: info@hedkandi.com.hk

Advanced tickets will be on sale starting from the first week of May 2009. And 21 and above only!

Sometimes, when a guy is too handsome, in fact they will look like a girl. If you don't believe me, find a handsome guy, let him wear a long hair, then you will see a pretty girl in front of you. So to be a handsome guy, you got to be a pretty girl as well..... not sure if it is true the other way round. A pretty girl should like a handsome guy too.

When boy is young, soemtimes hard to differentiate boy or girl.

Whose house baby is this, so lovely and so cute. I wish he is my boy in the future. When he grows up sure a handsome guy... To be frank, I think only mix blood can have such a lovely kid.

Second set of his photos tomorrow.

Dogs always the best friend of human. At least it won't betray you (at most they just too greedy in food). This dog, not only can be your friend, it can be nanny for your kid too. See how this dog takes care of the baby.

So lovely right? Hard to believe that dog can take care of baby like this one.

A Saturday afternoon, with beers, music, grassland and carnival, it’s great season celebrate the arrival of spring! But do you ever think it’s your power as well to change the life of some 1-year-old sick babies who might die before they get a chance to hospital?

Co-organized by Child Welfare Scheme (CWS) and Crazy Young Master Music, CWS Rockraiser Festival 2009 on 25 April 2009 at Cyberport Outdoor Podium is an awesome outdoor rock party with more than 10 bands from China and Hong Kong to play. Come join us with your friends or even family!

There will be food & drink on sale (catered by LKF catering and beer from Tsing Tao), great music, great games and a wonderful atmosphere! Let’s enjoy all these, and more important, you can bring love and to the poor and disadvantaged children who need you.

Ever have an affair? Or your husband / boyfrien has an affair? I am sure, nothing can be more complicated than the relationship of these 5 persons.

These five persons got a very complicated relationship:

She and Miss A are old friend.
Her bro and Miss A's sister (called Miss B) are lover.
But her husband sleeps with both Miss A and Miss B!

Below is the video on the news.

How comlicated are the relationship of these 5 persons. The root cause? Her husband? Or the two sisters? Well, hard to say, but it takes two hands to clap.

I know this Citibank Octopus Card already been around for quite some time, but finally I get one for myself. The best part is it is a credit card, but also an Octopus card, so no need to bring so many cards when going out. Especially if you only want to have a handphone, and a few cards with some cash and nothing else. Haha.. you get it, when go clubbing right.

Of course, this cards come with some welcome offer of HK$200 Octopus Cash, the exclusive online offer of HK$50 Octopus Cash. To enjoy the online exclusive offer of HK$50 Octopus Cash, Principal Cardholder is required to make purchase or transaction of any amounts with the Octopus Citibank Credit Card and such purchase or transaction must be posted within the first 3 months after card issuance.

张卫健 and 张茜 were married earlier this year at Philipine. Some report says that the bride may already pregnant, but not sure how true it is. At least it is not so obvious in the photo. I attended some friends wedding before, some of them the stomach is so big and so obvious.

Next time, if I get married, I also want to be like them, got firework, but of course, not with the stomach.

Lets take a look at this video, see how this Taiwan girl (I guess she is from Taiwan from her Mandrin) describe and introduce "少女的酥胸" (chest of a young girl).

So don't get the wrong meaning. 少女的酥胸 is the name of the cake, and it seems delicious. I mean the cake.

Now you can get many discount when making payment with your Hang Seng ATM. For the shopping mall, there are Harbour City, Time Square. For girls got Roxy, bird nest. For guys got crocodile, Quiksilver. And of course, buy a cake for your mom at 東海堂.

海 港 城 及 時 代 廣 場

由 即 日 起 至 2009 年 6 月 21 日 , 客 戶 只 須 以 恒 生 提 款 卡 ( 附 銀 聯 標 誌 ) 於 海 港 城 及 時 代 廣 場 之 指 定 銀 聯 商 戶 刷 卡 消 費 , 除 可 專 享 低 至 7 折 優 惠 外 , 更 有 機 會 獲 贈 「 亞 洲 萬 里 通 」 里 數 及 其 他 精 美 禮 品 :

憑 卡 於 海 港 城 及 時 代 廣 場 內 超 過 100 間 指 定 世 界 級 名 牌 商 店 刷 卡 消 費 , 可 專 享 低 至 7 折 及 其 他 精 彩 優 惠 。

於 推 廣 期 內 指 定 日 子 , 憑 卡 於 海 港 城 及 時 代 廣 場 內 任 何 商 戶 透 過 銀 聯 網 絡 單 一 簽 賬滿 HKD800 或 以 上 , 即 可 免 費 換 領 精 美 禮 品 一 份 。
由 2009 年 4 月 4 日 至 6 月 21 日 , 於 海 港 城 或 時 代 廣 場 內 憑 卡 累 積 消 費 更 有 機 會 獲 贈 25,000 「 亞 洲 萬 里 通 」 里 數 , 換 取 機 票 , 讓 你 翱 翔 萬 里 並 可 於 全 球 逾 30 個 國 家 和地 區 繼 續 以 銀 聯 網 絡 提 款 或 刷 卡 消 費 !
鱷 魚 恤

1. 全 線 春 夏 貨 品 5 折
2. 凡 選 購 3 件 或 以 上 貨 品 , 更 可 享 額 外 8 折 優 惠
優 惠 期 : 2009 年 4 月 10 日 至 5 月 3 日

Suzuya 及 Vertical Club

• 全 線 春 夏 貨 品 6 折 優 惠
優 惠 期 : 2009 年 4 月 17 日 至 4 月 30 日

Quiksilver / ROXY

• 正 價 貨 品 6 折 優 惠
優 惠 期 : 2009 年 4 月 10 日 至 4 月 30 日

東 海 堂

1. 母 親 節 蛋 糕 系 列 8 折
2. 任 何 HKD128 或 以 上 之 蛋 糕 8 折
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官 燕 棧

1. 全 乾 燕 窩 系 列 68 折
2. 簡 易 補 系 列 低 至 52 折
3. 養 生 薈 海 味 系 列 低 至 42 折
優 惠 期 :2009 年 4 月 1 日 至 6 月 30 日

For detailed information: http://www.hangseng.com/emkt/emkts09161/01/index.htm
For all branches locations: http://www.hangseng.com/emkt/emkts09161/01/adds.html

Received these photos happen at a hotel at Shanghai. Lets see what is written on the notice board: "No Feeding!" to the exterior window cleaners. Oh my god, who will feed the cleaner? You can read the letter to Guest, even more funny.

Those workers really have a tough job, need to hang themselves from the top to the ground! But if someone forget to close the curtain, then I think they get their reward.

This is the second part of the "Unforgettable Wedding Album". I think this album serve double meaning, it is a wedding photo, and at the same time it records a history event.

But, if I am the girl, I still want to retake the album. No matter what, still need a complete pretty wedding album right?

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