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I am a happy girl that travel across Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai for my work. Maybe half a year at Singapore, half a year at China with my family. I write about my life, what I see, funny photos and vidoes.

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Parents and adults, do you think that what you have done is unnoticable for the kid or minor? Then you maybe very wrong. Look at this pair of young couple, I am sure they must have learnt it from somewhere, either parents, sister / brother, or maybe movie.

Do remember set a good example for the kids, and they are fast learners.

In today world, life is never be the same as before. It is getting more and more competitive. Always my mom can't understand how difficult is today working envinronment. Not only doing the job well, you need to manage the relationship etc. But don't think that only adult are the one pressurised, look at these photos:

Looks like he is very stress about life as well.

I doubt you have the courage to wear this on the street. Really, China is so big with so many kind of people, all sort of things can happen. And seems like he is attending an event at a grand hotel. Anyway, nowsaday, all hotels in China are all super high class one.

Really wonder how he looks like... hehehe....

I like LV, my top favourite. But oh... not this one. Not sure who thinks of the idea making the LV bag in this shape. Spoilt the image of LV. Must be those China factory.

Who will buy it? Do you see the puppy got nail somemore!!!

This photo below was taken at a competition . The competition was between 9 women for best makeover. They had every possible beauty treatment available to them over a period of 12 hours before the contest. Look at the before and after photos. And guess who won the contest.

Conclusion - there are no ugly women only poor and lazy women.... The woman 2 d from the left won the contest.

These two kids have bright future, the boy can be the future kong fu star 李连杰, while the girl can be the sexy actress 叶子眉. Do you know why? Take a look and you will understand.

Haha... potential oh?

Yesterday is the actor version, now is the actress version. So take a look at these actress, where you won't have another chance to see them in "top-less" again.

That is all, there are many other photos, but can't show all, too many.

This is an exhibition quite some time ago. Quite a few Hong Kong actors and actress get themselves "top-less" or "bottom-less" and take photos. Here are a few collections.

No actress? Tomorrow will have them. Lazy to upload more than 5 photos at a time.

This photo is not from me, but I do have similar experience. Once get a sandwich from a supermarket at China. It looks nice and never experied. But when you start eating, you will feel something wrong. So what is wrong? You got to take a look.

Can you imagine? But it is really true. How to prevent, I don't know, just buy those brand you know then.

Monopoly is a game that I played when I was young. Quite time consuming, and I think guys may like the game more. For me, really hard to win without getting extra money by the help of banker. But look at these two girls, they got a very useful tricks to win the game, not sure if the guy being considered lucky or unlucky.

I think most guy will think is lukcy before they went bankrupt. Exactly the same in real life.

Someone send me these two photos, and let me choose, which one is more pain. Well, it is a pretty hard question. The first is your best friend betrays you, and have an affair with your partner. The next one is your partner prefer same sex rather than you.

Both will be pain for me, one you feel being cheated, one you feel you are no longer attractive. Both destroy your confidence. But these two photos are really special, such scenes hard to find. Just like the one I showed previous where two best friend share a girlfriend.

Can you imagine, after 1 year, nearly 365 days, only now receive the photos that took last year. That is really a long time. But it is really another kind of feeling when you looking back something that you were doing some time ago. Maybe drink too much, a bit high that day.

Finally, my blog rainbow is back to normal. If not I don't really know what to do, thanks for the help from Lionel.

* images removed, as someone post it else where *

Though with the financial crisis, still the rental pretty expensive. A house in Singapore still needs over a thousand per month, at Hong Kong even worst, six thousands for a small one if the location is a good one. Maybe should learn from them.

Guess parking fee should be cheaper!

These hair style are so cool, each of them can grab your attention. I think the first girl break a few record, she shaved, and so many tattoo on her body. And most important, she looks so cool. Still, I think the last one is most funny.

Wonder any one want to rent his head for advertisement?

Wonder how a 5 million dollar bra looks like? Victory Secret may give you some idea. The Fantasy Bra, with over 3500 black diamonds, 117 clear diamonds and 34 rubies, is worth around five million dollars. And super model Adriana Lima will be wearing it on the show. Aspiring actress Adriana who has had a cameo role in Ugly Betty, is probably best known for her work with the racy lingerie company.

The last one above is the Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra from supermodel Adriana Lima, you may see the video below as she gears up to flaunt all 1500 carats on the runway at the 2008 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Wow.. must be stress when wearing it. And how to wash?

Look at this bird, where is it making its nest. Definitely you will laught why is it choosing that place to have its nest.

Looks like that is the best place for a bird to sleep.

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