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I am a happy girl that travel across Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai for my work. Maybe half a year at Singapore, half a year at China with my family. I write about my life, what I see, funny photos and vidoes.

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It will be really unlucky if you are her neighbour, because she single-handed brings down the property price of the whole condo project. This is her story:

It happens at the Mid Level at Hong Kong Island, called the 曉峰閣, one of the 港島中半山「迷你豪宅」. And this girl jumped out from her unit at the 3rd block. And this is the 3rd case of such case within 3 years (so many "3"). So guess what? The housing price of the whole project comes down significantly.

The area of the units there range from 783 to 1835 square feet. Address is 舊山頂道18至22號. Quite a few famous people have been staying there like 余文樂 鄭裕玲. This lady Fattedad Wai Yee Sandra(霍慧儀)buy a unit here during last May by spending $12, 688, 000,(psf is about $15,000),this is much higher than the transaction price of $5, 160, 000 during 2005 (nearly double the price). This month, the psf drops to $8,000.

So basically she suffers a 50% loss in her property value. With all these things happen, who will still want to buy a unit there?

Been too much movies on dog recently, the "ten promises to dog", "Marley and me", and many more cartoon dogs movie. Finally there is this cute movie about cate. By the Japanese Cat's Movie Starring Koizumi Kyoko/ Ueno Juri/ Kase Ryo - "Gu Gu The Cat" 小泉今日子/ 上野樹里/ 加瀨亮 主演可愛貓咪電影 - "貓咪咕咕".

The website is very interesting too... maybe worth to watch. Hopefully got free ticket.

Of course this is not the first time I go clubbing in Singapore. In fact, I find that there is much difference in clubbing between Singapore and Hong Kong. In Singapore, always there will be plenty of performance, be it singging, live band, or dance (usually hot dance). And most of the time start from 10pm or so, and plenty of people. You won't have that much performances at Hong Kong, but of course the drink in Hong Kong can be slightly cheaper, especially the red wine.
Yesterday, went to St James (after a dinner at Vivo, a big shopping center), there are two events. One is a free flow at Boiler Room (Retrospect on Wed, that is 80s theme). Then is the "famous" singers / actors.. can see who is he from the last pic?

He is F4 Vaness. I know the pic is not clear, as I am not F4 fans, so didn't squeeze to the front like other young girls.

Help my friend to spread this message. This is for the qualification for your personal and professional success. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) by Hong Kong Baptist University School of Business. The course is 3 to 6 years if part time. And there will be an information session on the coming Sat 28 Feb 2:30pm.

Visit http://www.hkbu.edu.hk/~dba or email hkbudba@hkbu.edu.hk or call Miss Li at +852-3411 2148 for more information.

This couple was having their wedding shoot on the day of Si Chuan earth quake. They were at this very very pretty old church. Just when they were about to start, things happened, and everything was captured in the camera.

It was a day to remember... Their Wedding shoot. At the famous 100-year-old Church of the Annunciation in Pengzhou, China. Morning May 12, photographer Wang went about preparing to shoot wedding pictures for a young couple, this was the test shot before the shoot...

Bricks fall from the building during the earthquake, which turned Wang from a wedding photographer into a journalist. 'Thank God we were only shooting from outside the church!' remarked a helper.

The stunned couple huddles together at the church ground during initial tremors. 'I shouted to people, 'Run! Run!'' said photographer Wang Qiang.

'The ground shook and we couldn't see anything in the dust.' As the dust began to clear, the true extent of damage was only beginning to appear...

A cracked facade was all that remained of the 100-year-old Church of the Annunciation after the quake. Most of the church 'collapsed in 10 seconds,' said Wang, who lives in Chengdu, capital of hard-hit Sichuan province.

A scarf from a wedding dress lies forgotten in front of the seminary.

Wang said he thought the catastrophe would strengthen the bonds ofthe couples who were there that day: 'Having gone through a life-and-death test, they surely will clasp hands and grow old together.' No one was harmed at the above location.

That is so bad, but at least no one hurt. Very pity that the church gone. But it is still looking nice. Maybe should go and visit one day.

Preparing this summary for my boss... so might as well put it in my blog as well..... These are ver important information on getting a rich husband / boyfriend :)

According to a report from Citibank Hong Kong, during 2008, the number of millionaire in Hong Kong left only 348k, reduced 15% from the 414k during 2007. Their average liquid asset is Hong Kong Dollar $3,400,000, this is 26% lower than previous year.

Number of millionairs (15% reduction):
2008: 348,000 (6.5% of the Hong Kong adult population)
2007: 414,000

Liquid assets (26% reduction):
2008: HKD $3,400,000
2007: HKD $4,600,000

Every millionaire is losing about HKD $660,000 on average:
60.3% loses money in stock
33.3% loses money in mutual fund
18.8% loses money forex

And interestingly, according to the area:
Hong Kong Island: 1 millionaire for every 9 residents
Kowloon: 1 millionaire for every 17 residents
New Territory: 1 millionaire for every 19 residents

Age group distribution of millionaires:
>40 year old: 80%
30-39 year old: 13%
Young guys: 7%

Economic Index:
Hang Seng Index: 27813 to 14387
Property Index: 69 to 53
Hong Kong GDP: 6.8% to 1.7%
Jobless Rate: 3.4% to 4.1%

Top 3 riches man in Hong Kong:
李嘉诚 - 162亿美元 (everything &$%^$$*%^)
郭氏家族 - 108亿美元 (新鸿基地产)
李兆基 - 90亿美元 (恒基兆业地产市)
For the rest read here.

So the conclusion is.... stay at Hong Kong island, higher chance to meet someone rich!

I still remember Britney first public performance at 2007 after giving birth, she gave a big surprise to everyone with her figure.

Recently come across some of her photos, to my surprise, she slims down so much! These are some intermediate stage....

Here is more recent one I guess...

Amazing, how she manages to do it?

My friend send me some photos of Taiwan girls wearing. Actually you won't see those often in Singapore, not even Hong Kong even at LKF. Somehow for these 3 Chinese societies, they are very much different. Singapore is very city, Hong Kong is half city half rural, Taiwan got more rural. Rural as in space is wider, and you can see people just riding bike. I don't think you can see any bike easily at Hong Kong and Singapore.

Quite daring right? But board day light, not yet party time, how come wear like that?

Happened to join a program with 林嘉欣 at Starbuck, so pretty she is. Too bad need to rush for something else, if not can have a photo together with her.

So far, she is the most famous actress that I get this closed.

Heard of cockroach facial? Take a look at these photos, see how they use the cockroach mix with mud to do facial for girls.

Can you see the Cockroach leg on her face? I don't think I would try no matter how powerful it is. Even the cockroach is home grown, I would not try neither.

Take a look at these 3 couples, see how they have spent their Valentine. Then you will be feeling lucky as manage to spend the Valentine with your love one. Even stay alone at home, are much better than them. Hugging over the gate, the feeling must be bad, as got some metal in between. If the face too wide, I think can't kiss even.

Kind of sad isn't it? Not sure what is happening.

On this Valentine, of course must have these love candies. They are so colorful and cute, for sure girls will love them. But remember to pay attention when put them into mouth, because they are not normal candies. They are candies shaped condom. Take a closer look and you will believe me. So they are best suited as Valentine gift.
Never know condom can have so nice packaging. So if you receive a candy, take a second look before put it into your mouth.

These two guys are the best possible friends in the world. Why I say so, take a look at the photo then you will understand. They are so good until can share a girlfriend and take a photo like this together! You know, guys are always selfish, they always allow themselves to have two girlfriends, but never allow a girl to have two boyfriends.

I think the photos must have been edited, if not, how can this be happened?

Look at these girls, making super funny pose when taking photos. I am sure after several years, when they look back these photos, that kind of feeling must be very memorable, at least they had been having fun before. However they got to hide these photos to their kids, if not, the kids will ask: "Mom, why...... " hahaha.....

This remind me the song "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". So remember to have fun everday.

These finger nail art are not normal drawing, they are in 3 dimensional. Looks so nice and cute. Not sure how long can it last. But must be hard to type keyboard or wash hair after having these, so maybe can only last for one or two days. Unless I am the 少奶奶 that need not to do anything.

If can have one during Valentine will be great.

Do you want to see how North Korea girl dance? Here got a very good example of "home made" video. Pretty funny, and of course this one is a bit of funny version, however, there isn't much different from the exact one.

I come across a documentary from Discovery Channel on North Korea. Wow, amazing. You know what? Over a thousands of people but only one movement. They are so tidy, everyone in same movement. Below is the video that I found on their army marching.

Unfortunately I can't find the girls dancing part, you can see all the girls are same height, same weight, same pose, no one make a single mistake in any dance step. Very impressive.

Right after the Beijing 5 "Left-Over" Girls, now is the Taiwan Nurses are taking "very daring" photo albums in order to look for husband. It is reported that they are being retrenched by the hospital, and the police look into the case to see if they are involving some money business.

Soon people will dig out their daily live photos, and soon their full photo album will be made available online. These are their daily life, not sure who is this lucky guy.

Photos in nurse uniform:

Here is the album:

To see the full album, here are the links: Album with over 30 photos.

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