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I am a happy girl that travel across Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai for my work. Maybe half a year at Singapore, half a year at China with my family. I write about my life, what I see, funny photos and vidoes.

Your comments are most welcomed. If you have anything to share, can email me at cc.carol.chew@gmail.com

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This is the most expensive Christmas gift I received this year. Actually I know that the economic is not that good, shouldn't get such an expensive gift. Still, girls will like this if they see it. Actually have been shopping around, finally choose this, not extremely expensive, and yet looks nice. Maybe tomorrow you I share with you my shopping experience. It was so crowded at those branded shops, all mainly due to the tourists from mainland. They are like printing money, buying non stop.

Back to my gift, well... it is a COACH.... let me show you step by step....

Ignore my jean and pink top..... forget to remove when take the photo. If you look into the bag, this is what you see:

Then you open the ribbon and this is what in the box........

Here is my gift, a Coach " SIGNATURE LEAH TOTE " (lastest edition)

What I like most is the inner, look at the purple color, so sweet.....

You like it? I like it much. Well, it costs the one who gave me about HKD 3400++, no discount, they say is popular and sold out soon.... Tell you my shopping experience tomorrow... or later if got time.

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