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I am a happy girl that travel across Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai for my work. Maybe half a year at Singapore, half a year at China with my family. I write about my life, what I see, funny photos and vidoes.

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In the news, newspaper always hear about the financial crisis. But how come I see long queue outside LV, Gucci, Coach always? Forever long queue. Not only that, inside the shops just like shop market, or a department store that is having great sales of 90% off like that. But these are branded shops, and no discount! You not believe, lets take a look of these photos by a guy who is bored to shop around the handbag.

This is Gucci at Tsim Sha Shui on one Sun afternoon, can you see those walked out with big bag in their hand?
Want to see an item? Ya, you got to fight, maybe self service is better, got to wait a long time before getting someone to serve you.

Feel like you are in a night market? Or a super market that is having great sales?

Yes, they are all from mainland China. Super rich. I hope I can print money as they do. So I gave up, and watch a movie. Then return to the coach at night before the closing and get my Christmas gift which I showed you yesterday.

Still, where do those people money comes from??? Can anyone tell me?

This is the most expensive Christmas gift I received this year. Actually I know that the economic is not that good, shouldn't get such an expensive gift. Still, girls will like this if they see it. Actually have been shopping around, finally choose this, not extremely expensive, and yet looks nice. Maybe tomorrow you I share with you my shopping experience. It was so crowded at those branded shops, all mainly due to the tourists from mainland. They are like printing money, buying non stop.

Back to my gift, well... it is a COACH.... let me show you step by step....

Ignore my jean and pink top..... forget to remove when take the photo. If you look into the bag, this is what you see:

Then you open the ribbon and this is what in the box........

Here is my gift, a Coach " SIGNATURE LEAH TOTE " (lastest edition)

What I like most is the inner, look at the purple color, so sweet.....

You like it? I like it much. Well, it costs the one who gave me about HKD 3400++, no discount, they say is popular and sold out soon.... Tell you my shopping experience tomorrow... or later if got time.

Pass by the bus stop and saw these two very funny and yet meaningful advertisement from Durex. Basically what is stated got twin meaning. They say there are two rules to be a happy woman. The first rule is: woman should reduce the friction with guys, and the rule number two is: to make girls happy, guys must play some tricks. Yes, they are so true. To reduce arguement, girls should keep quiet sometimes, and guys, if you want to make girl happy, then you need to think of something new and fun. But can you guess what is the advertisement about?

Click to enlarge and take a look. Very funny isn't it? Rule 1 is for lubricant. Rule 2 is for toy....

4-day long weekend has begun! Last night went for a party for the count down, and going to another one tonight.... So this is one of my costume for the Christmas Eve 2008. How is it? I like this little shinning hat very much. Comes together with the ribbon. Look great?

* images removed, as someone post it else where *

I know it is not so clear, got one focus and zoom in below:

* images removed, as someone post it else where *

Hmm.. that is all, I am going to wear the school uniform tonight... hmm.. let me think about it if I should post in the blog. Another party is on sleeping suit. I think I like the sleeping suit than the uniform. So funny to be in uniform after so many years.

And... am I getting on weight? Look at my arm... maybe I should do some process on the photos before put online next time :) Anyone can teach me how to make the arm looked slimmer?

These are the most fashion, most in, coolest hairstyle in China. Of course, 2008 is Beijing Olympic, so we have this 3D Olympic colourful hairstyle.

Next, with the dot com booming, not only you can advertise on blog, you rent your head for advertisement. Not sure Google accept it or not.

If you want to make a girl happy, this mayb e a good choice.

Finally, want to be cool? And not sure how to do it? Learn from them....

Pretty cool right? But too bad, not for me.

I remembered that I have a very pretty (hehe... is really pretty) photo of white christmas last time. Finally I found it and scan it into softcopy. At least easy to bring around and can post online. Guess I will try to scan more old photos, but of course I only scan those pretty one :P

Look at this, I feel so sad now, I was so young that time (don't ask me when I took this photo). Girls really get old very soon, just a few years, I change from a little girl become.... okay.. I know.... no need to say out explicitly. Really, the good days can only in the memory 往事只能回味...

* images removed, as someone post it else where *

This year, I will be spending my chirstmas at Hong Kong. Well, it is prety cold, but too bad, not a white one. Maybe a fake white one like the one shown above. But thinking on what to wear for the party is really a big problem for me.

iPhone, no doubt is one of the most popular phone among Apple lover. Personally I am not an Apple lover, in fact, I find that hard to control Apple computer iBook, iPod and iPhone. You know, when I touch the screen, then the things just scroll here and there, and I don't know where am I. Really slow and clumsy in these high tech gadgets. But many friends around like iPhone (even they don't have iPod), maybe because it looked cool, and can surt internet due to the package provided.

Well, someone show me this new application iPhone, call iBoob, take a look, very surprise how can that be done.

Pretty funny isn't it? Looks like soon there will be all sort of applications on iPhone, then we got no choice but to get one for ourself, in order not to be updated.

Besides romantic, I don't know how can I describe this show at Disneyland Christmas Show. Just like fairy tale comes true. But too bad, only last for a few hours and back to reality now. Luckily got one good camera man James capture all these romantic moment.

I believe all girls just like me, hope the love story is as romantic as this one, waiting for the charming princess kiss you under a night sky full of stars. Oh........ I wish the moment can last forever.

I never expect Hong Kong Disneyland can have such excellent show for the Christmas celebration.

In Chinese, we have a saying, same as people but different luck 同人不同命,this is very true. In the school, you are the one who most clever, but you may end up earning the lowest salary now. You maybe the prettiest, but get the ugliest husband (if rich then still ok). Or you and your colleague both are the same position, and you do more works than her, but she is the one being promoted or get a higher salary and bonus. So see these policemen, they are all police, but received different treatment.

Oh no... he is really unlucky one. So make sure yourself is the lucky one always!

Shame on me, this is the first time I visit Hong Kong Disneyland eventhough I spend maybe half a year in Hong Kong and grow up here. I been to the US California Anaheim Disneyland, and I thought the Hong Kong one will not be fun. But I was wrong, there are so many nice performance at HK Disney. The performance quality is so much fun, if not much better than the US counter part.

Well, but I got to say that HK Disneyland is kind of small compared to US one. Don't have that much exciting rides, but in return, you see how show. I will show you one romantic Christmas show that makes me so unforgetable.

Have you eat any rice ball 汤圆 today? Today is 冬至 (the day that winter arrived), sorry, should be yesterday. So everyone should be home and eat the rice ball. Of course I did have my rice ball, was forced to be home for the lunch on Sun afternoon by mom. Not sure why, she treats this day as important as Chinese New Year. Everyone must be home for the lunch or dinner (if it is on weekday). But you know how many kind of rice balls they are? And how many ways to eat it? Here can give you some ideas..............

Basically I just like the one with ginger soup 姜汁汤圆, and of course prefer with the 芝麻 inside... hmmm.. must be taste good.

Hardly to see such a sales event, 50% store wide, every bags inside will be 50% at LeSportsac, the brand with a chicken. I go there happily, thought will get myself a bag, but to my surprise, there is no queue outside the shop. So I run to the shop, and oh my god. Guess what, the shop is FULL of people, no way to squeeze in, even get inside, I doubt I got room to choose a bag that I want.

So no choice, I just walk around the PP (Pacific Plaza, 太古广场 near Central Hong Kong Island). Then visit the LV, Gucci etc... and that is another story which I tell you later. Then see the nice Santa Clause sit in his big house taking photos with others.....

So sad... always can't get any bargain from the sales.

Feel bad after get nothing from Suntec, so I switched to Orchard, and there is this shoes bazzard with sales up to 60% by Taka at Ngee Ngan City. Well it is less crowned, so I thought must be on good bargain, if not how can have no people (isn't it I contradict myself? Too much people then I don't want squeeze, when no people then I think there is no good stuff..... tell you what..... this is girl!).

Actually here is good, no much people, I can take my time to pick, and there are many shoes below Singapore dollar 20! Yes, that is less than Hong Kong dollar 100! Finally I get one in grey green as below.

What to you think? At least I am not going back home with empty hand.

Last last weekend or last last last weekend, I spent my whole weekend on shopping in Singapore. There is so called "warehouse sale" from Braun Buffel at Suntec City. I am so excited, I like the purse and bag by this brand, with a bull icon. But I can't find it at Hong Kong. So I go to Suntec and search around the exhibition hall from level 4 to 6. And to my surprise, I can't find it. I called my friend, and confirm that it is at Suntec with the right date. After much asking, finally knew that is actually having the "warehouse sale" at their shop.

Here is the shop:

Oh my god, it is so messy and full of people, everyone just stand around to pick the bargain, basically got no chance to take a look if you don't want to squeeze with them....

So I gave up... and see the lighting....

Then change my way to Orchard to continue my bargain hunting.

Nowsaday, more and more people from China and Hong Kong like to eat Durian. Unlike in the past, only people in Singapore and Malaysia like to eat Durian. In Hong Kong, you can easily find dessert made by durian (so do mango). In China, durian easily found at fruit stalls. But these two guys, not only like durian, he even make his hair like a durian.

This one I capture it when I took a MTR train in Hong Kong one day, his dressing (all black, with a black hat and 3/4 length short) already funny enough, he even carries a hard casing durian bag!

I can't help but to take a photo of him. But too bad, my hand shake so the image is not clear.

Next week will be Christmas, thinking about what to wear is a big headache for me. They say want to have a theme party. So I took out my high school uniform, is a blue sailor moon kind uniform. Not sure still can fit in or not. So what do you think? Please give me some suggestion. But don't ask me to post photo with me wearing it. Must be funny, and I can't imagine myself wearing this uniform again after 10 years.

So help me please..... I need to decide if I should iron it. But maybe I should try if I can fit it in first, been gaining some weight in recent years. Sure funny if wearing this school uniform.

I like Hello Kitty, and of course her friends too. Look at these sushi in Hello Kitty shape, so nice! Thought is in black and white, but the shape is clear. Who will eat such a lovely sushi?

Also look at the cakes below, oh my god, they are in pink, my favourite color. With the Kitty on top, two of my favourites come together. If you give this to me during my birthday, I will give you a kiss straight away.

Also got mango and strawberry, chocolate, wow... all my favourite! No wonder I can't slim down. But if you want me to slim down by not eathing this, then I would choose to eat.

I like Mona Gillen's videos, always she presents the things in a funny and yet sexy manner. Take a look at this video where she tells you how she manages to reduce her fat by drinking beer, it sounds so real and reasonable (at least for some of her arguements). Maybe worth a try.

I really wish to cut down my weight, really feel that I am too fat now. But then if slim down too much, then many clothes need cannot be weared, really a headache.

She is Shirley, my best friend's best friend. We went for picnic yesterday on a lovely sunny Sunday. Not sure what is wrong with her, wearing her school uniform! Wow, this is the first time I saw her in uniform. The uniform fit her well, and she looks so gorgeous! She even got a red ribbon at her neck. Make us all laught at her.

Maybe I will search for more uniform for her, seems she looks great. Do you see others behind her, non are as pretty as her right?

That day have a quick lunch at a very traditional Hong Kong Chinese restaurant 烧腊店. It is so messy and crowed. Though I grow up in Hong Kong, I don't really like to share desk with others, but got no choice, only two of us, and it is peak hour for the lunch break, so got to share with others.

You may ask me why I get there in the first place, not like me right? As you know I will never go to those traditional shop for lunch or dinner. Well, this is because everyone told me this shop the 烧腊 especially the 叉烧 roasted pork and 烧鸭 roasted duck are nice. And my friend first time in Hong Kong, so let him experience the traditional Hong Kong restaurant.

So can you guess what is that above? Maybe I zoom out a bit and you can have a better view.

Those are 腊鸭 and 腊肠 (those red stick at the back). To be frank, I never eat 腊鸭 before, and I thought usually only have that much during New Year (Chinese Lunar New Year, not the 1 Jan).

Well, the food is nice, at Shanghai street 上海街, but I will not repeat again. Because the environment is so messy, and you know what? I saw some main-land girls standing by the staircases at some other shops asking for business! I guess will never go to this area again.

Due to work, I got to travel often, usually between Hong Kong, Singapore, and Shanghai or Beijing. I am thinking to start this blog, to keep in touch with my friends and family. And of course show you some of my photos, my life, and maybe sometimes some funny jokes.

I grow up in Hong Kong, but later move to many different places, been stayed in USA and Canada for a very short period of time. Now stay in Hong Kong and Singapore. So bear with me if there are grammer or spelling mistakes. Do point me out.

This is my photos several years back....... don't ask me how many years back.....

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